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Medium Duty High Speed Split Belt Sorter Conveyor

Applications / Features:

  • Conveys & diverts packages with min.size of 8” long x6”wide
  • Divert package straight angle up to (50) per minute
  • Divert packages at 30 degrees up to (80) per minute
  • (4) to (8) split belts, depending on product size
  • UHMW belt tracks for positive belt tracking
  • Flange mounted gear motor for ease of maintenance & efficiency
  • Automatic pneumatic belt take-up
  • Handles packages up to 75 lbs
  •  Belt speed up to 300 FPM
  • 60 PSI air requirement


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Beds s – 15”, 18”, 21”, 24” and 27” wide between rails, 7” deep x 11/2” x
12 ga. powder painted, formed steel channel frame, bolted together with butt couplings and floor supports

Belts – APH150 HTS x 15/16” wide.
Drive – End Drive with 8” dia. drive pulley.
Filter Regulator – mounted (60 psi air required).
Capacity – Conveys product weighing up to 75 lbs. depending on product type and conveyor speed.
Floor Supports – 311 ⁄2″ to 451 ⁄2″ adjustable from floor to top of roller. One support provided for each end of conveyor and at each bed joint. Other elevations are available.
Conveyor Speed – Standard conveyor speed range is up to 300 FPM.



color chart
Optional ACSI Colors
(Optional colors available at extra cost)


Right Angle Transfer:

– 90-degree roller transfer. – 18” BF rollers with 1

– 18” BF rollers with 1 ⁄8” thick orange plastisol covering.

– Rollers to raise & lower by supplied air cylinder.

– 4-way single solenoid.

– 1/2 HP 230/460/3/60 gearmotor.

-Transfer speed: 300 FPM.

– Drive can be reversed to enable bi-directional transfer.

– Max rate: (50) cpm in one direction.


Wheel Diverters

– 30 degree divert. – 1.5” O.D. wheels raise & lower by supplied air cylinder.

– 1.5” O.D. wheels raise & lower by supplied air cylinder.

– 60 psi air required.

– 4-way single solenoid supplied.

-“Diverter” to be powered by main SBS conveyor drive.

– Diverts in one-direction only: “Left Hand” or “Right Hand”.

– Multiple diverts can be used in the SBS and each divert can be designated for either “Left Hand” or “Right Hand” operation.

– Max rate: (80) cpm.

Split Belt Sorter Conveyor
Beds, Drive, Filter Regulator, Floor Supports,

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