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Trough Slider Bed Belt Conveyor



Applications / Features:

  • Conveys Boxes, Bags, Cases, Loose Parts
  • Built-in Guard Rails Allow Overhead Conveying


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Belt– 8″, 12″, 18″, 20″, 24″ and 30″ Black PVC 120 belt.
Bed – 12 gauge powder painted formed steel with 2-1⁄2″ high vertical sides bolted to top of bed. Standard sections are 5 and 10 feet long bolted together with floor supports and splice plates.
Tail Pulley – 4″ diameter crowned with 1-3⁄16″ diameter shaft.
Drive Pulley – 4″ diameter and 8″ diameter crowned and fully lagged. 4″ diameter pulley with 1-3⁄16″ diameter shaft, 8″ diameter pulley with 1-7⁄16″ diameter shaft.
Snub-Roller – 2″ diameter for 4″ diameter pulley, 2-1⁄2″ diameter for 8″ diameter pulley.
Return Idler – 1.9″ diameter adjustable, on 10’0″ centers.
Floor Supports – Adjustable 28-1⁄2″ to 42-1⁄2″ from floor to top of belt. One support supplied at each end of conveyor and at each bed joint.
Take-Up – 6″ long screws located at tail pulley to provide belt tension.
Bearings – Sealed pre-lubricated with cast iron housings.
Speed Reducer – C-Face mounted heavy duty worm gear reducer.
Motor – 1⁄2 HP 230/460-3-60 TE motor.
Belt Speed – 60 FPM constant.
Capacity – Maximum load per lineal foot of conveyor – 75 pounds. Not to exceed Load Capacity Chart.
(For Optional Equipment, Weight Specifications, and Engineering Line Drawings, please see catalog pages, above).



color chart
Optional ACSI Colors
(Optional colors available at extra cost)


Belt – Nitrile (white or black), with smooth top cover, Black PVC rough top, Brown Nitrile rough top. Special belts on applications.

Guard Rail – Higher than 21⁄2″ vertical sides, 4″, 6″, 9″,to 12″ max.
Floor Supports – Lower or higher than standard. Castered supports with 4″ diameter or 6″ diameter rigid or swivel casters.
Ceiling Hangers – 1⁄2″ diameter threaded rods 8 feet long with locking nuts and mounting hardware. Other lengths are available.
Gravity Conveyor Brackets – Adjustable bracket, with 1-3⁄8″ diameter pop-out roller, for attaching wheel or roller conveyor.
Nose-Over – Adjustable single or double nose-over provides smooth transfer from incline to horizontal. See drawing on page 96 for details.
Center Drive – Mounted below conveyor or bed section. Can be placed most anywhere in conveyor length.
Side Mounted Drive – End drive mounted to side of conveyor section. Specify side. Minimum 6″ elevation with 4″ drive pulley, minimum 9”elevation with 8″ drive pulley.
Overhead Drive – End drive mounted above conveyor. Specify clearance required.
Auxiliary Take-Up – Mounted below conveyor bed section. Can be placed most anywhere in conveyor length.
Motor – Single phase, energy efficient, explosion proof, etc. Other HP available.
Belt Speed – Constant and variable belt speeds available.
Electrical Controls – Magnetic starters and push button stations; manual motor starters with overload protection, others.
Hugging Strip – Steel bars each side bolt to guard rail to prevent material from getting under belt. Must be used with a solid guard rail.
Troughing Attachment – Steel bars each side under belt form trough for handling loose material.

conveyor boxes ,bags ,cases ,loose parts
Built-in ,guard rails, allow ,overhead conveying

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